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One18 Consultants primary goal is to help you grow in your understanding of your innate preferences as a leader which in turn will transform your ability to lead, build teams, and navigate growth in your organization. How do we do that? By helping our clients integrate our powerful assessment products—such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument—and professional consulting services with key development initiatives for you, individual employees, teams, and companies as a whole.

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    Corporate Consulting

    Corporate consulting has the ability to empower a business owner, entrepreneur, professional, or start up businesses to deal with the critical areas both on the micro and macro level in their field or work. If growing a business was easy, everyone would make a fortune. The problem most of us face is not want we know, it is what we do not know. Consulting provides the perspective that will help you move forward by dealing with the issues that are both seen and unseen.

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    Executive Consulting

    What if an Executive ministry leader could join your team and bring fresh perspective to your strategies, systems and structures? The purpose of One18 Consultants is to give you a current snapshot of your ministries health and help best position your church to fulfill your vision.

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    Collaborative Network

    Businesses are becoming more specialized. As the world gets smaller, the best approach to having a successful business is to have something that only you can uniquely do. Each of our clients has unique needs that may be best served by those who specialize in that particular field. Our network has brilliant people who we connect our clients with when specific needs arise.


The One18 Consultant team uses a specific assessment process crafted to help identify the key areas to focus on for changes specific to each organization. Each client has challenges that they are facing and new strategies are needed to bring about change that will empower the mission, vision and values specific to the organization.

Core Development Model

At One18 we have created a strategic plan of how we can help churches assess where they are at and what challenges the are facing. This Core Development Model aides us in crafting a specific plan that we can use to bring about lasting change in the churches we work with.

One18 Leadership Pipeline

There is nothing new to the leadership pipeline and there are many organizations starting to see the importance of this structure to help them create a leadership development plan.  We work with companies to create their own pipeline along with a strategic plan of implementation and steps for continued development.

Three Year GROWTH plan


The goal for a three year plan is for church growth through increasing retention of visitors, increasing overall membership, and enabling leaders throughout the church.

Church-wide Structure

Year 1

Vision Based / Values Driven

• Communicating Mission/Vision

Creating Paths

• Moving from volunteering to defined leadership paths

Clarifying Processes

• Clarify process for direct report lines and organizational chart

Vital Systems

Year 2

People Path System Development

• Create Roles and Responsibilities Systems for Ministries

Organization System Development

• Leadership Applicatin Process

Pipeline System Development

• "Sunday Morning" Team Huddle

Leadership Development

Year 3

Team Member Training Tier 1

Team Assistant Training Tier 2

Team Leader Training Tier 3

Team Coach Training Tier 4

Team Staff Training Tier 5

Team Pastor Training Tier 6

selection of some workshops offered

One18 Consultants has created specialized workshops for all our clients. We constantly adapt, change, or restructure how we host training events based on the need s of each organization. All of them come with student participant guides and extra resources for continued learning after the workshop has ended. Below is a list of the top 4 corporate workshops that help us train specific needs in our business sector and the top 4 non-profit workshops we frequently use specialized for the volunteer based organizations.
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Conflict Management

Conflict management workshops gear toward helping organizations develop effective conflict management strategies. It focuses on how organizations can best approach, communicate during, and resolve conflict situations.

• A unique three-stage model for understanding and managing conflict through the assessments framework
• 5+ activities, including effective icebreakers such as “Me in Conflict,” which delivers powerful results right from the start
• Training of how to build awareness of conflict triggers, addressing situations successfully, and developing skills for enhanced communication

Client: Corporate Training

Tasks: Conflict Management Workshop

Link: Plan Your Workshop Today

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Team Building

This workshop delivers a comprehensive team-building program that help teams improve their performance using the assessments framework. This workshop includes:

• Research statistics and team development best practices
• Specific guidance on how to apply concepts to six critical team issues: communication, team culture, leadership, change, problem solving, and managing stress
• 5+ Team-based activities, including the Living “Zig-Zag” activity, which enables team members to experience team decision making, highlight blind spots in the team’s style, and strategize for improved processes

Client: Corporate Training

Tasks: Team Building Workshop

Link: Plan Your Workshop Today

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Leadership Advantage

Incorporate MBTI insights into leadership training workshops in your organizations. The program includes self-contained modules for four different workshops designed to enhance leadership effectiveness and performance:

• A Brief Review of Psychological Type
• Leader Communication
• Leader Problem Solving
• Leader Development: Each workshop comes complete with specific objectives and exercises for workshop participants. The program provides a model for enriching leadership.

Client: Corporate Training

Tasks: The Leadership Advantage Training Workshop

Link: Plan Your Workshop Today

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Time for Change

This workshop is designed to help individuals and organizations deal with change effectively. This is a valuable resource to leader’s who are going through or about to go through changes in your organization. We all handle change differently and this workshop prepares every personality how to go from coping with change to leading the way. This includes:

• Strategies that can help organizations handle existing problems as well as as help them prepare to deal with future change effectively
• Exercises for dealing with change in an organizational environment using MBTI personality type theory.

Client: Corporate Training

Tasks: Time for Change Workshop

Link: Plan Your Workshop Today

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Guest Services

The first impression is one of the most important for anyone who is experiencing your services for the first time. How we interact, what we say, how we direct, and what we do all matters. Being friendly only takes people so far and every organization needs to constantly take a fresh look at their area of “Guest Services”. This workshop will challenge your current thinking about this area as well as train volunteers in how they can improve upon what is working and change what needs to improve. Workshop will include:

•Teaching the vision of Guest Services
•Techniques of how to greet newcomers and causal attenders
•Leadership Training to help craft new systems and structures
•Fill-in the Blank worksheet for each participant
•Resources for Job Descriptions and Roles & Responsibilities Manual

Client: Non-Profit Training

Tasks: First Time Guest Training Workshop

Link: Plan Your Workshop Today

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Leadership Development

The most talked about area of need in todays culture. If this could only be as simple as a fill in the blank leadership lesson, we would all be further along than we are. This workshop is designed to help leaders identify the areas they need to develop others in and give resources to participants on how they can accomplish this type of growth in those they lead. Development is reliant upon a tight system, accountability, training, and goals. This workshop will include:

•A personalized reproducible system for your leadership team
•Teaching on how to create a pipeline of growth - Coaching on how to help empower people through delegation
•A workbook of accountability tools for each level of leadership
•One-on-one guidance in dealing with your most difficult people

Client: Non-Profit Training

Tasks: Leadership Development Training Workshop

Link: Plan Your Workshop Today

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Systems Leadership

Systems can work for you and the lack of systems will definitely work against you. You can experience growth without systems but you will be capped at some point because of your need for them. So no matter what the size of the organization you are in, you will need good systems. Not sure if you are good in this area? Just start asking the right questions. Does everyone on your leadership team know how to_______? My leaders are frustrated the most by _________ ? How many times have you communicated _________ and yet people still ask what is going on?. This workshop includes:

•How to identify the needs for a system
•One-on-one guidance in setting up needed systems (personalized to each participant)
•Important must have systems in every non-profit (Power Point)
•Resources of the top systems that can be personalized to your needs

Client: Non-Profit Training

Tasks: Systems Leadership Training

Link: Plan Your Workshop Today

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Structure for Executive Staff

The backbone of every organization is the flow of where all the information goes and who is responsible to completing what needs to be done. Who reports to who? What are the measurables for growth? What is the procedure for______? Who is supposed to be communicating to ______? Structures set in line how the systems work. It is the foundation for your future growth and it is constantly shifting with the organization. Structures that cannot adapt to growth will cap your growth. Having the right systems in place is vital for all you do as a organization. They workshop includes:

•Resources of “paths” that organizations uses that can be personalized to yours
•Handout on how to “realign” staff and resources to comply with the vision (Leadership Structure Charts)
•One-on-one coaching on how to tweak current structure to be able to expand to meet you growth needs
•Craft new systems for you based off your coaching session

Client: Non-Profit Training

Tasks: Structure Training for Executive Staff

Link: Plan Your Workshop Today

All your needs taken care of

One18 Consultants can help with wide-ranging applications of the MBTI to promote growth and development in many organizational settings, including business, career development, K-12 education, and higher education.

Team & Leaders

Team development—helping to ease communication among team members, identify team strengths and weaknesses, and create action plans for improved performance.

Leadership development—understanding leaders’ personality type and the type of those they are leading to help them manage better, lead more effectively, give more meaningful feedback, inspire, and influence effectively.

Interpersonal & Conflict

Interpersonal skills development—promoting individual self-awareness and increasing effectiveness across myriad applications.

Conflict management—improving skills in identifying sources of conflict and intervening early to prevent underperformance, disruption, and disengagement.

Manager & Stress

Executive and line manager coaching—helping individuals stretch to accomplish ambitious, personal, and organizational goals and retaining top talent

Stress management—building resilience, increasing organizational focus and productivity, and offering strategies and action steps for identifying stress related triggers

We are a multidisciplinary team of consultants who craft creative solutions to business needs

Why choose the One18 Consultants? Experience is a key factor on our team. Each staff member specializes in areas that they work in currently. Our experience is not just learned from a classroom but from years of hands on personal development in a field we are passionate to work in. We are avid learners seeking to better ourselves and everyone we work with.
  • Jason Rising

    Founder/Lead Consultant

    For the past 20 years, Jason has worked with both the business and non-profit sectors as employee, manager, executive leader, coach and consultant. His passion is to see organization make necessary changes to align themselves to the vision of why they exist. He is an accomplished communicator with knowledge and experience to help individuals and organizations grow to their full potential.

    Some Key Experiences: Team Building, Strategic Planning, Executive Leadership, Organization Development, Systems Management, Workshop Training, Leadership Development

  • Melissa Curtis

    Non-Profit/Corporate Consultant

    Melissa spent over 15 years working at a Fortune 500 healthcare consulting company where she managed teams that provided comprehensive reimbursement and patient assistance. In her various roles, she spent much of her creating and implementing program related training, mentoring associates into key leadership roles, process improvements, and quality assurance. Melissa is also a certified professional coach who loves to help individuals discover their strengths, define what personal and professional fulfillment looks like for their lives, and develop a plan to achieve it.

    Some Key Experiences: Training Development, Coaching and Mentoring, Policies and Procedures, Process Improvements, Quality and Productivity Monitoring, Goal Setting and Accountability

  • Rebekah Reese

    Non-Profit Consultant

    For the past 7 years, Rebekah has worked in the non-profit sector hosting high school and college students in her Student Leadership Program that travels the east coast. She partners with non-profits hosting events and workshops. She is a gifted speaker/trainer with a passion to help young leaders grow in their knowledge and experience in leadership. This passion has expanded her reach to work closely with nonprofit leaders to help them develop their programs to maximize their effectiveness.

    Some Key Experiences: Team Leadership, Event Producer, Workshop Training, Team Building

  • Eran Holt

    Non-Profit Consultant

    Eran and his wife Julie, their three children, Caleb, Emma, and Ellie served as the Student Ministries Pastor at GT Church, Reading, PA for over 15 years. During their tenure, the student ministry grew from roughly 30 students to over 400. Eran’s passionate, creative and relevant preaching has distinguished him as a prophetic voice and communicator. He speaks at various churches, retreats, conventions and conferences. Eran’s passion is to inspire both students and parents in their faith. In 2016 Eran & Julie founded Lead the Generation, a non-profit ministry focusing on providing both practical training and inspirational teaching to youth pastors, volunteer youth leaders and student leaders. Eran also coaches and consults with youth pastors and churches on a variety of topics.

    Some Key Experiences: Team Building, Preaching, Small Groups in Youth Ministry, Programming Youth Services, Youth Missions, Planning Retreats, Leadership Development

  • Margaret Dunmeyer

    Non-Profit/Corporate Consultant

    Margaret Dunmeyer is a learning and development professional with extensive experience in performance improvement, instructional systems design, and project management. She has demonstrated success in creating learning strategies that positively impact business results, and building trusted advisor partnerships at all levels within both corporate and non-profit organizations.

    Some Key Experiences: Sales training, leadership development, personal and professional development

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